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BA Moska Kit
Only £124.99 (RRP £149.99)

This is a kit of flat bits of balsa wood and ply which
you have to build and cover yourself

BA Moska Kit

This is a kit of flat bits of balsa wood and ply which
you have to build and cover yourself.

BA Moska Kit

BA Moska Kit

BA Moska Kit

The above 3 photos are an example of a completely finished model


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BA Moska

The Moska fast, agile and highly aerobatic and with a 1M wingspan will easiy fit into most compact cars without taking the wing off.

These kits have been very cleverly designed and precisely laser cut, so all you need is a flat building board.

These models dont use a traditional building method where you build the model over a plan. You do get a "pespective plane" See link below.

  • All indications engraved on each piece must always be visible
  • They must always be facing forward, in the case of horizontal and outward in the case of vertical
  • The fittings are accurate, but if there is a need for any adjustment, do it
  • Do not glue before making sure everything is correct. Dry assemble the parts before gluing them
  • You will need some sandpaper of various grades, CA glue and / or wood glue, in addition to epoxy glue.
  • All assembly is illustrated on the A1 format sheet that is supplied with the kit. If the plan is not clear, then notes will be in the assembly instructions

The kit contains all parts of laser cut wood, wire and tubes for linkage, main landing gear in 2mm aluminum, in addition to perspective plan and instruction manual.

Please click here to download the assembly manual

Please click here for the perspective plan


Wing Span

1000mm (39.4")


750mm (29.5")


850g /1.88lbs


Min 4 channel (Not supplied)


3S, 1,300mAh - 2,200mAh (Supplied Separately)


Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship Kits, ARTFs and/or batteries outside of Mainland UK


Please Note Due to having our knuckles severely rapped by the Post Office we can no longer send any kind of battery via the post. Any order containing batteries will have to be sent via courier and this will incur a minimum of a £9.99 delivery and packaging charge.
We cannot deliver batteries outside of mainland UK


We can also supply

Glues and Coverings, Covering Iron, Soldering Tools, General Tools and Scalpels, Chargers, Charging Accessories

Description Price Quantity
BA Moska (RRP £149.99) £124.99
Motor - PO-2830-1350 £25.49
ESC - 4M-HESC30A £20.99
Prop - APC 8x4 - 2 Blade £3.40
Battery - PPL-60C3S-1300 £16.25
Battery - PPL-60C3S-1800 £21.75
Battery - PPL-60C3S-2200 £23.50
4pcs of Servo - 4M-100AMG-022 £29.96
Pair of 1.75 Inch/44.5mm Light Weight Rubber Wheels £3.10
Pack of 2pcs 4mm Stub Axles £3.99
Pack of 4pcs M4 Locknuts / Nylon Locking Nuts
Tail Wheel Assembly B £2.50
2x Pack of 10pcs of Cyano (CA) Hinges £1.98
Pack of 5 Surface Horn -Medium 16.5×20mm £1.10
Pack of 5pcs of round head machine screw. M2 x 20mm £1.50
Pack of 5pcs of M2 Locknuts / Nylon Locking Nuts £1.88
Pack of 5pcs of 2.0mm, 300mm Z Bend Kit £4.99
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