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Z Bend Kits

Pushrod Keeper/Linkage Stoppers

1.2mm Diameter - 200mm Long
2.0mm Diameter - 300mm Long

Kit Includes

  • 4pcs Z Bend Pushrods
  • 4pcs of Pushrod Keepers

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We suggest you use a tiny drop of Z-42 thread locker or thick CA (Cyano/Super Glue) to secure nut, or alternatively replace the standard nut with M2 nylon Locknuts.

Description Price Quantity
Pack of 4pcs of 1.2mm, 200mm Z Bend Kit £3.99
Pack of 4pcs of 2.0mm, 200mm Z Bend Kit £5.99
M2 Nyloks / Nylon Locking Nuts
Pack of 5pcs
Pacer Z-42 Thread Locker 6ml Prevents
loosening due to high vibration.

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