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4-Max UBEC's/SBEC's/Voltage Regulators

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  Why do I need a UBEC/SBEC?

 How to wire up a UBEC

UBEC's (Universal Battery Eliminating Circuit) are often called SBEC (Switching Battery Eliminating Circuit) or even Voltage Regulators or Voltage Stabilisers.
Switch mode design are more efficient, run cooler and accept a wider input voltage range compared to linear regulators.

4A Low Voltage UBEC
4A (3-6 LiPo) UBEC

5A Low Voltage UBEC
5A (2-8 LiPo) UBEC

6A Low Voltage UBEC
6A (2-6 LiPo) UBEC

20A Low Voltage UBEC
20A (3-12 LiPo) UBEC


5A UBEC with switch

5A UBEC with Switch
15A UBEC with Switch
15A UBEC with Switch
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