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Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer (5500183)

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer

Build it as a trike or....

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer

Build it as a tail dragger

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer

Very simple conversion to electric power

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer

What's in the box

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer

What's in the box

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer

Supplied with the kit is an electric conversion kit


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Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer (5500183)

Included in the kit are parts and instructions to build it as either IC or electric powered.

The other great feature of this model is that it can be built as either as a trike or a tail dragger giving you the flexibility to practice your skills with both types of undercarriage.

Resplendent in a new colour scheme the Seagull Boomerang V2s huge wing area which offers the learner pilot easy and forgiving flight characteristics and, when the time comes, a capable aerobatic performance too.

No matter how experienced you might be, everyone needs a trainer in their fleet if only for the days when all you fancy doing are gentle circuits and bumps and maybe some lazy aerobatics.

What's more it's always good to have a model that you can press into service when newcomers arrive for a trial flight. Versatile, tough, and pretty with it, the Seagull Boomerang V2 is an aeroplane you'll love from the outset, not least because its factory-built, beautifully covered, and crisply decorated.

Add a high lift wing section, a D-box and an aluminium wing joiner that'll withstand all manner of abuse and you begin to realise the huge appeal of this evergreen classic. In all honesty, you have to question why you haven't got one already.

Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer (5500183)



1550mm (61")

Flying Weight:

2600g - 2800g (5.7lbs - 6.2lbs)


4S 3700mAh 40C Li-Po (Sold Separately)


4-5 Channel (Sold Separately)

Please click here to download the manual

Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship kits outside of the UK


Please Note Due to having our knuckles severely rapped by the Post Office we can no longer send any kind of battery via the post. Any order containing batteries will have to be sent via courier and this will incur a minimum of a £9.75 delivery and packaging charge.
We cannot deliver batteries outside of mainland UK


Part Number Description Price Quantity
Seagull Boomerang V2
Seagull Boomerang V2 Trainer
(RRP £147.99)
PO-3547-800 Brushless Outrunner Motor including rear
motor mount and bolt on prop driver
4M-ESC50A 50A Brushless ESC
ESC Setup Procedure
and Programming Card
PP-UBEC5A For safety reasons we recommend that you use a 5A UBEC to power your receiver and servos £11.28
APCE 12x6 APC Electric 12x6 prop £4.80
Electric Spinner
63mm Dia, Red
We highly recommend that you replace the IC spinner with a spinner specifically designed for use with electric motors £6.50
3x 4M-556AMG-087 3x 4M-556AMG-087 Servos
Standard size, metal geared,
ball raced 8.7Kg
1x Ailerons, 1x Rudder, 1x Elevator
PPL-60C4S-3700 High Performance 4S, 60C, 3700mAh LiPo Battery (Recommended) £54.99 Out of Stock


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