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Fixed Undercarriage - 40 Size

Small 40 Size Alloy Undercarriage

Small 40 Size Alloy Undercarriage

All sizes and weights are approximate

This undercarriages is very tough and durable for it's size.
Adding the white plastic covers considerably stiffens the undercarriage.

4mm hole for stub Axles
2mm Thick
25mm Wide at fuselage

Has hole pre-drilled to mount spats

Weight without plastic covers: 38.4g
Weight with Plastic Covers: 52.4g

All specifications are approximate

Description Price Quantity
40 Size Alloy Undercarriage £7.99
Pack of 2pcs 4mm Stub Axles £3.99
Pack of 4pcs M4 Locknuts / Nylon Locking Nuts
Pack of 10pcs of M4 Stainless Steel Washer, 9mm £0.40
Hole 4.1mm, 5.5mm Thick
Wheel Collet/Collar
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