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Hobbywing 5A (2-8 LiPo)
UBEC/Voltage Regulator

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The UBEC uses an efcient DC-DC regulator chip with a conversion efciency of more than 90%. UBEC output voltage is adjustable in three stages (5.0/6.0/7.4 V) with a continuous current of 5A and a maximum of 15A. The voltage specifcations allow the use for a wide range of servos and electrical equipments. The UBEC is equipped with overcurrent protection, output short-circuit protection, overheat protection.

Hobbywing 5A UBEC
Please click on the picture above for an enlarged version of how to connect the UBEC


Constant Current 5A (About 5-7 Standard Analogue Servos)
Peak Current 15A
Input Voltage 6V - 33V V DC (2-8 LiPo)
Output Voltage 5V, 6V or 7.4V DC
Weight 18g (includes all wires, connector and ferrite ring)
Dimensions 60mm x 181mm x 8mm Approx


Part Number Description Price Qty
HW-UBEC5A Hobbywing 5A UBEC £14.99 No Longer Available

User Instructions

How to wire up a UBEC
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