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Do It Yourself Stainless Steel Motor Mounts Kits

These mounts are extremely strong and very ridged once fully assembled and all nuts tightened securely.

An example of the assembled DIY motor mounting kit
(motor and wood not included)

Each kit consists of the following

4x Stainless Steel Threaded Rods
8x Stainless Steel Large Penny Washers
4x Stainless Steel Standard Washers
8x Stainless Steel Serrated Flange Nuts
8x Stainless Steel Nylon Locking Nuts


  • Use the "X" mount that comes with the motor to mark the 4 holes to drill in the firewall/former.
  • Accurately drill the 4 holes.
  • Pass a threaded rod through the freshly drilled hole in the firewall.
  • From the back of the firewall install a penny washer and a nylon lock nut. Ensure a small amount of threaded rod exits the nylon lock nut.
  • From the front of the firewall, install a penny washer and a flanged nut (flange against the penny washer)
  • Repeat for the other 3 threaded rods
  • Now install a flanged nut with the flange facing forwards roughly at the required distance from the firewall.
  • Repeat for the other 3 threaded rods.
  • Install the "X" mount on the motor using the correct screws supplied with the motor.
  • Install the motor and "X" mount assembly onto the 4 threaded rods.
  • Install a small washer and then a nylon lock nut on each of the 4 threaded rods to hold the motor assembly in place.
  • Adjust so the desired stand off distance from the firewall is obtained.
  • Tighten all nuts securely

Suggested Sizes

Motor Diameter

Threaded Rod

28mm M3
35mm M4
50mm M5
63mm M6


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Part Number Price Qty
M3 - 30mm Long £8.99
M3 - 50mm Long £9.49
M3 - 70mm Long £9.99
M3 - 250mm Long £14.99
M4 - 30mm Long £9.99
M4 - 40mm Long £10.99
M4 - 50mm Long £11.99
M4 - 60mm Long £12.99
M4 - 70mm Long £13.99
M4 - 90mm Long £14.99
M4 - 110mm Long £15.99
M4 - 250mm Long £18.99
M5 - 30mm Long £13.99
M5 - 50mm Long £14.99
M5 - 70mm Long £15.99
M5 - 90mm Long £16.99
M5 - 110mm Long £17.99
M5 - 250mm Long £19.99
M6 - 50mm Long £15.99
M6 - 55mm Long £15.99
M6 - 70mm Long £16.99
M6 - 90mm Long £17.99
M6 - 120mm Long £19.99

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