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Rubber Wing Bands

Rubber Wing Bands

High Quality Rubber Wing Band Supplied in bags of 10pcs.

Wing Cord Band Size
6" 4"
7" or 8" 5"
9" 6"
10" or 11" 7"
12" 8"

These white rubber bands are the best available, NOT LATEX, they are resistant against ultra violet and long lasting. Rinse in washing up liquid after use for even longer life.

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All Dimensions are Approximate.

Description Price Quantity
4" 0.5"(101mm x 12mm)
Rubber Wing Bands
5"× 0.5"(127mm x 12mm)
Rubber Wing Bands
6"× 0.5"(152mm x 12mm)
Rubber Wing Bands
7"× 0.5"(178mm x 12mm)
Rubber Wing Bands
8"× 9/16"(203mm x 14mm)
Rubber Wing Bands

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