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Purple Power Professional LiPo's

Purple Power Professional LiPo BatteriesOur Purple Power Professional LiPo's are getting quite a name for themselves for great performance, sustained punch and long life. We are upgrading them from 30C/35C to 40C as stocks are replaced. All 2 cell and above packs come with the standard JST-XH balance connector and blank power wires to allow you to fit the connector of your choice. All LiPo's are hand tested at the time of dispatch to ensure you only receive the highest quality product that will give great performance and long life.

40C, 3S, 2200mAh LiPo only £19.99!

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New Spektrum AR636 Receiver in stock £71.99

Spektrum AR635 Full Range AS3X Sport ReceiverPerfect for enthusiasts interested in park flyers up to giant scale aircraft that want to take advantage of AS3X 3 axis stabilisation technology. 3 Gyro modes- allows customisation of the gyro performance and feel of the aircraft. Programmable from mobile devices (iOS and Android) as well as PC's--easy setup at home or at the field. Amazing £71.99.

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Light Weight Servo Extensions Leads with Built in Locking Tab

Servo Extension Leads with Locking Tab
Why has this product not been designed and manufactured before!

These 26AWG servo extensions are available in 150mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm lengths.
Prices from £1.20

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In Stock The Very Popular E-Flite Pulse XT 25e - £124.99

GT Power Multifunction Watt Meter, Capacity Checker and BalancerThe ever popular Pulse XT 25e from E-Flight is now in stock. It's popular for a reason - They are a good all rounder Sunday flyer and they fly great! We have them in stock for an amazing £124.99

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E-Flite Extra 330SC BP 3D ARF - RRP £115.49 Our Very Special Price £83.99

E-Flite Extra 330SC BP 3D ARFDeveloped to deliver 3D performance, the Extra 330SC is perfect for 3D pilots looking for a model that is convenient to fly in smaller places or for novice 3D pilots who want to develop their skills without making a huge investment of time or money. in stock for an amazing £83.99

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New - GT Power Multifunction Watt Meter, Capacity Checker & Balancer

GT Power Multifunction Watt Meter, Capacity Checker and BalancerThis great new meter from GT Power will act as a Watt Meter, Capacity Checker and Cell Balancer. All this for an amazing £19.99

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Back in Stock - GT Power Cell Checker and USB Charger

GT Power LiPo tester and USB Charger
This great little charger accepts any JST-XH balance connector equipped LiPo as a power source and provides a stable 5V up to 1A USB output which is ideal for charging mobile phones, cameras, tablets etc.

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WOT4 Foam-E Back in Stock

Purple Power Professional LiPo BatteriesThe world famous and very popular Chris Foss Designed WOT 4 Foam-E is finally back in stock. We only have a limited number, so grab yours fast!

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New Multiplex StuntMaster

Multiplex StuntMaster RR
The Stunt Master - ideal for learning and practice of 3D aerobatics. The ELAPOR model is extremely robust and highly manoeuvrable in web loops, torque rolls or knife edge spins.

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Multiplex Extra 300S RR
Just £169.99

Multiplex Extra 300S RRThis great looking 1200mm wing span Extra 300S from the world renowned Multiplex is designed primarily for classic aerobatics program, but can also be flown in a 3D style.
Powered by a 4S battery, vertical performance can be archived with ease.

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4-Max PP-EESC's Just Got Better

ESC's with Lost Model Feature They now feature a Lost Model Alarm function. After approximately 2 minutes of no movement on the throttle channel, the ESC will make the motor make a noise, this will be repea...ted at approximately 15 second intervals as long as the throttle channel is not moved.

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New and in Stock - 1-6S 200W up to 12A Charger

GT Power A6-12 Charger Just in is the all new GT Power A6-12 a Multi function, multi chemistry, digital 200W charger. It can charge up to 12A and 1-6 LiPos. Great value for just £54.99

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New and in Stock
High Power Super Bright LED Navigation Lights

These are seriously bright high power LED lights, look at them from a meter away and you'll have spots in front of your eyes. Unfortunately photographs can not show how bright and impressive these really are. Ideal for larger aircraft. just £29.99

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Power Train for the Nigel Hawes Can-Doo

Nigel Hawes Can-Doo Power TrainWe teamed up with Nigel Hawes to provide a low cost, reliable and powerfully bell motor, ESC, prop driver and prop for just £29.20 or add a good quality 40C 3S 2200mAh LiPo for £47.50

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Now in Stock - Multiplex's Panda Sport

Panda SportBeginner's electric glider with detachable tail and two-part wing. With its docile flying characteristics and excellent performance in the air the Panda Sport offers the weekend. The model's low sinking speed and good circling characteristics ensure rapid progress and successful slope soaring and thermal flying. From £49.50!

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As Featured in RCM&E
Mini Watt Meter - £9.99

GT Power Mini Watt Meter
No Electric flyer should be without a watt meter. It's an essential tool and can save you a lot of money in burnt out motors, ESC's and batteries. This one measures up to 30V and 30A for a ground breaking £9.99

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New Range of Items For Large Models

Mini Servo Power Distribution Boxes Just in is a new range of items suitable for medium and large R/C model aircraft. The range includes everything from Servo Power Distribution Boxes with prices starting at a very affordable £39.99 through to a simple receiver battery display for just £6.99

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The New Multiplex Razzor is now in Stock!

Multiplex Razzor RR
The Long Awaited latest model from Multiplex is here.This small, highly manageable electric powered Reno styled racing aircraft is a great choice for the ambitious model pilot looking for a real adrenalin rush. Just £115.99

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As Featured in RCM&E
LiPo For Spektrum DX7s, DX8 and the new DX9 Transmitters £19.99

4-Max Purple Power Professional Spektrum Transmitter BatteryFed up of the battery in your Spektrum DX7s, DX8 or DX9 going flat too quickly. We have the answer..... The Purple Power Professional Spektrum Transmitter LiPo. It is a 2S 4000mAh LiPo with a JST-XH balance plug. It has been specifically designed for use with the Spektrum Transmitters.

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61.8" Ripmax Zephyr EP with Motor & ESC

Ripmax Zephyr EP with motor and ESCAs well as being an exceptionally easy model to fly, the Zephyr is surprisingly fun to fly for the more experienced pilot, with tight loops and turns being possible, alongside stall turns, extremely slow flight and even inverted! just £121.49

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Back in stock, Lipo Capacity and Voltage checker- New Lower Price £12.99

G.T. Power LiPo Capacity and Voltage TesterOur most popular ever battery tester/ checker is back in stock. They're bound to sell out fast at this new lower price of just £12.99

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Battery Arming Lead as Featured in April 2013 Edition of RCM&E

Battery Arming LeadThis great little battery lead will allow you to install your battery, connect it up internally and assemble your model ready for flight. Take your model to the flight line all in complete safety. Then when ready to take off just insert the link.       
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The New Multiplex Model Tucan £104.99

MultiplexTucan kitA sleek low-wing model with detailed cockpit, clear canopy, stylish decal sheet and strong undercarriage. The TUCAN makes a great trainer or team flyer, and provides any amount of flying fun

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4-Max's Purple Power Professional Motors and LiPo's Power One of The Largest Electric R/C Model Aircraft in The World

Tony Nijhuis has now finished his Boeing B-50 Bomber.

This model is powered by 4 off PPPO-6367-230, 8 packs of 4S 6,000mAh LiPo's and 22x12 JXF high performance electric props

19ft wingspan and over 80lbs flying weight!

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