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DW Sopwith Camel Kit
Only £129.99 (RRP £149.99)
(Glassfibre Cowl Version)

This is a kit of flat bits of balsa wood and ply which you have to build and cover yourself

DW Sopwith Camel Kit

DW Sopwith Camel Kit

DW Sopwith Camel Kit

DW Sopwith Camel Kit
An example of a finished model

DW Sopwith Camel Kit
An example of a finished model


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Sopwith Camel Kit

The Sopwith Camel was a British WW1 single seater fighter and first saw service at the Western Front in 1917. It was manufactured by the Sopwith Aviation Company of Kingston-Upon-Thames and used a rotary aero engine and had twin synchronized Vickers machine guns firing forwards through the propeller arc.

Though difficult to handle it was extremely manoeuvrable in the hands of an experienced pilot and was credited with shooting down 1,294 enemy aircraft, this was more than any other allied fighter.

Dancing Wings Hobby model captures the very essence of this formidable WW1 fighter, it has an open framework structure built from balsa and hardwoods and has a Glassfibre radial cowl with plastic molded dummy rotary engine and authentic looking rigging wires.

For ease of construction, all the parts are beautifully laser cut and are extremely accurate which will allow you to build the perfect model. Also included is a plastic molded cockpit surround with simulated padded cockpit coaming and left and right-hand front plastic molded fuselage fairings which simulate the aluminium side panels on the full size aircraft.
To complete the contents of this superb kit are a pair of vintage aircraft wheels, pre-bent and drilled aluminium wing struts and U/C legs, carbon tube wing spars and joiners plus a comprehensive hardware pack that includes rigging wire, nuts and bolts, servo horns, rods and connectors etc.

The Sopwith Camel has been designed to use our PO-5055-595 brushless outrunner motor on a 4S lipo swinging a JXF 15x7 prop or the equivalent gas/nitro engine.

4 standard size servos are more than adequate for the control surfaces. Overall this is a fantastic kit and due to its ease of construction, it is perfect for the seasoned builder or those with limited building experience.

Once finished in an authentic textured covering such as antique and olive drab Solartex and the addition of scale accessories such as a pilot and machine guns this Camel will really look the part and will turn many heads attacking the Hun at your local flying field or RC flying club.

Glue, radio equipment and covering material is required to complete.

  • Classic wooden kit construction
  • Glassfibre Cowling
  • Laser-cut balsa and plywood parts
  • Comprehensive hardware pack
  • Suitable for both GP and EP power systems
  • Removable battery hatch cover

Please click here to download the assembly manual



1520mm (59.84")


1020mm (40.16")


2700g - 3300g (5.95lbs -7.27lbs)


Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship Kits, ARTFs and/or batteries outside of Mainland UK


Please Note Due to having our knuckles severely rapped by the Post Office we can no longer send any kind of battery via the post. Any order containing batteries will have to be sent via courier and this will incur a minimum of a £9.99 delivery and packaging charge.
We cannot deliver batteries outside of mainland UK


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Part Number Description Price Quantity
DW Sopwith Camel kit Sopwith Camel (Kit)
(RRP £199.99)
£129.99 No Longer Available
Motor PO-5055-595 £61.00
4M-ESC70A 70 Amp Brushless ESC
ESC Setup Instructions
+ Programming Card
Prop JXF 15x7 £10.11
PPL-60C4S-4500 4S, 4500mAh LiPo Battery 60C £70.00
Servos 4x 4M-175AMG-030 Servo £29.92
Click here for our range of glues and covering materials


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