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Motors for Tony Nijhuis Miles M57 Aerovan
RC Model World - 2010

Tony Nijhuis Hawker Typhoon

The Aerovan is 1/10th scale and spans 59”. Weighs in at around 6.5lbs and the prototype is powered by 2x400w motors supplied by 4-max. The model requires 5-channel radio with optional flaps and as with all other Tony Nijhuis Designs, CNC cut parts will be available soon through the web site as will a full set of VAC formings including canopy, rear cargo doors and engine cowls

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Motor comes with 4mm male connectors already fitted
plus the mating female halves

Dia Length Weight Shaft Diameter
49.2mm 55mm 315g 8.0mm

Click here to view some build photos by Tony Nijhuis

Item Part Number Description Price Quantity
2 X Motor PPO-3536-1450 1450kv, 5 Wind, 400W, 2-4 LiPo
Recommended Prop 9" x 4.5" on 3S
2 X Propeller Prop 9" x 4.5" APCE 9" x 4.5" £5.80
2 X Rear Mount PP-REARMOUNT35 Rear Mount for 35 Series Motors £8.00
2 X ESC PP-TESC60AU 60 Amp Brushless Speed Controller £89.90
1 X LiPo Battery PPL-40C3S-6000 3S, 6000mAh LiPo Battery
40C Cont, 60C Burst
  TN-COMBO-028 2x Motors + 2x Props + 2x Prop Adapters + 2x ESCs + 1x UBEC
Save £5.00
  TN-COMBO-029 2x Motors + 2x Props + 2x Prop Adapters + 2x ESCs + 1x UBEC + 1x LiPo Battery, Save £10.00 £209.68
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