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Racks/Cage Motor Mounts

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These are very strong and very ridged mounts and are recommended to be used where ever possible as they spread the gyroscopic loads on the motor.

All Measurements are approximate and only apply to 4-Max Prop Drivers. Other manufacturers prop drivers will give different dimensions

Motors and prop drivers are not supplied with the rack/cage mounts and are only shown for mounting ideas and dimensions.

Please Note

These mounts come with 8 screws to assemble them but they do not come with screws to mount the motor. The motor mount screws must be purchased separately. Please click here for the screws

Part Number Motor Series Width Height 1 Height 2 Price Qty
PP-RACK- 2830 28 Series 37.5mm 52.2mm 63.7mm £6.50
PP-RACK- 4250 42 Series

35 Series
50.5mm 74.8mm 94.3mm £9.00
PP-RACK- 4260 42 Series

35 Series
50.5mm 84.8mm 104.3mm £9.50
PP-RACK- 6367 63 Series 68.2mm 96mm 121mm £15.00
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